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Luminous Car Battery

Luminous introduces efficient and technologically advanced range of all new maintenance free Electra automotive batteries. Their strength lies in the fusion of European technology and Indian engineering for high performance in Indian applications. Luminous range of Electra Batteries apart from being factory charged and ready to use, come with the assurance of longer, trouble free performance, year after year.


  • Revolutionary Ag–Ca (Silver – Calcium) & EMT technology - Robust design
  • Heat Sealed Covers • Flame arrester safety system
  • Low resistance envelope separator • Double chamber container with Magic Eye
Consumer Benefit
  • 80% lower fluid loss, 3 times lower self-discharge, 1.5 times service life and much lighter than the conventional batteries
  • optimized performance in all terrain conditions
  • Prevents leakage and contamination, adds to case strength and rigidity
  • Prevents possibility of explosion from spark outside, minimize acid leakage and prevents inflow of dust
  • Encapsulate negative plates, improves vibration durability, prevents internal shorting